A Guide to Buying Art from Art Dealers in Sydney

One of the world’s biggest art hubs, Sydney is heaven for art aficionados and casual art lovers. From famous artists like Brett Whiteley and Margaret Preston to contemporary artists like Emily Persson and Peter Coad, Sydney shines with art. The Emerald City gets its vibrancy and colour from its countless and never-ending art fairs and exhibitions. If you are an art enthusiast, Sydney is the right place for you. Be it a hobby or an investment, art dealers in Sydney will brighten your collection.

Purchasing art can seem intimidating, especially if it is your first time dabbling in the scene. Finding the right art dealers will make buying art smooth and enjoyable. Before dipping your toes in the pond of scenery and portraits, think about the following:

  • Your reasons for collecting art
  • Your preferences

Types of Art Dealers

Australian artists are not a monolith. From scenic imagery to authentic landscapes, Sydney is home to all forms of creativity. Primarily, Sydney’s art market consists of contemporary artists and established artists.

Contemporary Artists

Contemporary or emerging art is a stream of young creatives. As relatively lesser-known or recognised artists, they are climbing the market, one step at a time. They could be high school students, enrolled in art universities, or freelance artists without official gallery support. Sydney’s five-day art fair in Carriageworks was decorated with the artworks of 29,000 artists.

Their imagination and creativity know no bounds, and their art is a blend of the past, present, and future. Aesthetically or conceptually, they are on par with established artists. If you believe in up-and-coming artistry and support their vision, find art dealers who represent contemporary artists.

Established Artists

Acclaimed or established artists art nationally or globally recognised artists. They have years, decades, or centuries of a dynamic presence in the art scene. Their detailed, experienced, and critically acknowledged pieces adorn the walls of famous exhibitions and auctions.

How to Find Art Dealers

A significant difference between contemporary and established artists is their presence. You can find established artists’ pieces in renowned galleries and museums. However, since contemporary artists are slowly spreading their wings, contact art dealers in Sydney who display and represent them.

Online Platforms

One of the best places to begin your search for art dealers is through their online footprint. Search engines and social media platforms constantly rave about artists and galleries. You can find various online art galleries and dealers that sell different art pieces or works catered to your style.

Art Festivals

You can find art dealers at art festivals. Sydney is home to multiple art festivals that last days and weeks. Find an art dealer with a diverse collection of contemporary and aboriginal art pieces to curate and expand your collection.

Reviews and Ratings

Before purchasing art from a dealer, ensure they have stellar ratings. Look for reviews regarding their selection, descriptions, services, artist representation, and quality of the art. Art dealers act as a medium between artists and art lovers. Make sure the art dealer you contact understands your preferences and gives their artists a platform.

Art Trial

Find an art dealer who rents art pieces on a trial basis. You can put up works in your house, workplace, or showroom to better understand your connection with the artist.

Wrapping Up

Sydney’s art scene is bustling and dynamic. Art dealers in Sydney help art lovers find artists and artworks that resonate with them. Contact an art dealer with a diverse selection of artists and works, adequate knowledge about the market, and proper artist representation.

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