Earn2Trade Review – The Gauntlet Mini

They also offer a service known as Gauntlet that is an e-commerce trading program that is funded by the. If you’re able to get in this program and are accepted, you’ll be able to trade with an account that has been funded by Helios Trading Partners.

The Gauntlet Mini

It wasn’t until August of this year that the most recent item, Gauntlet Mini, was introduced by Earn2Trade. It’s a variation of their traditional Gauntlet program. The program lets you be able to access a fund-based trading account within 15 days, instead of the 60-day period the traditional Gauntlet program employs. There are strict requirements to adhere to during the 15 days. However, it’s worth it.

Everything included with Gauntlet Mini

As you’ve probably discovered, you’re paying quite a bit to join this program. In the end you’ll get some nice benefits here:

  • You have access to the Beginner Crash Course. Usually, it costs around $250. You get lifetime access.
  • The reporting tools are accessible through an access point known as Journalytix.
  • The use of the tool for trading simulation

The Features of Earn2Trades Mini Gauntlet

The Dashboard is accessible to you to sign in after you have registered. You’ll have access to the most important sections of Earn2Trade through the dashboard.

A few of the options are:

Then it will lead you to Gauntlet, Journalytix, and of course, Settings. There are areas of assistance should you have any concerns or have questions. It is equipped with the features you require in a reliable trading platform.

1. Charts

Options for charting such as Indicators or Chart Types are accessible to you via the Earn2Trade review platform. Dates that are important to note down listed. This way, it’s easier to determine the moment when an important date is approaching. It’s great to have because you can observe the market’s reactions to news events of various kinds.

2. Market Depth

Level 2 information can be found in the amount of a monthly subscription and you are able to integrate the data on any trading platform you choose to use. One-click trading is a possibility and can be done using the DOM chart, or by clicking on DOM prices.

3. Time and Sales/Reconstructed Tape

In addition to the normal Time and Sales window, you can take a closer look at the tape after it has been compressed by using this Reconstructed Tape gadget.

4. Chart Types

When you’re looking at ticks, candlesticks, the volume or range charts it’s possible to do so. Just a few simple clicks, and you’re on your way to.

5. Order Tickets

We already know about the possibility of doing one-click trades. This is the way to make those complex orders. Order tickets are the ideal solution and you can select either the basic option or the advanced one. You can choose the quantity as well as symbol and the order information, as well as margin required, as well as the commission to trade is located on the lower part of the form.

Rules for Gauntlet Mini

You may have already heard the accounts that are funded have rules to follow very carefully. They’re there to decide whether you are able to trade according to the rules set by a particular company or not. This is the reason we have regulations in place and they’re pretty simple to understand:

  • Trade for at least 15 days
  • Don’t lower than the daily maximum loss
  • Do not exceed the size of your maximum position.
  • Do not fall below the drawdown of the trailing drawdown.
  • You can only trade during the appropriate time
  • It is important to adhere to the ladder of progression


Are reviews from traders influencing the Topstep score?

Each review may alter or improve the score of any broker on the overall listing of brokers. To read about the reviews of Top step you have to visit the profile of the broker.

How do I write a review of Topstep through the Traders Union website?

To write a review of Topstep you must sign up for a free account on the Traders Union website or you are able to leave reviews on Facebook.

Can I leave comments on Topstep for a non-Traders Union client?

Any user can provide feedback on Topstep across multiple clients However, Traders Union clients also get additional payouts later cooperating with any brokerage on the Forex market.


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