Efficient through digitization: Trends that will shape 2022

We must approach the fight against climate change with the same pioneering spirit as a space project. At the same time, the coming year will mark the dawn of cyberspace, with NFTs, play-to-earn games and digital money. In 2022, the signs point to cyber-ecological modernization. That takes courage. Because the outcome of the epochal project of a “Green Deal” is open.

Video Content: 2023 will be the year when video content can dominate the whole internet platform. People no longer want to spend much time reading news. They are getting the same information with watching videos, but faster and easier. Since people became “addicted” to short videos, the popularity of Twitch is growing with warp speed. Twitch is a video streaming service which can also be used as a place for online marketing. You can find sponsors and make money on Twitch. To reach potential customers, buy instant Twitch followers for the best price.

Green Tech: The investment climate could not be better

sustainability funds are literally going through the roof and will break the $1 trillion mark in 2021. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 64 percent. The infrastructure plans of the Biden government, an at least cautious signal of departure at the COP26 and the climate plan of the German traffic light government will further strengthen the trend in the coming year.

New companies are coming to the fore in old industries: With their graphite electrodes, these companies supply a key product for future electrical steel production. Significantly less CO2 is formed in the electric steel process, since steel scrap, as the name suggests, already contains steel, which is only remelted. By building up electrical voltage, steel can be melted down eco-efficiently with graphite electrodes at temperatures of up to 3,500 degrees Celsius. With this electric steel process, existing metal scrap is melted and processed into new steel. Another advantage of the electric steel process is that you can process regional scrap metal, which is plentiful in industrialized nations.

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