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Famous Fashion Designers Who Can Not Sew

Did you know that some of the most renowned fashion designers in history never studied fashion design? They did it instead of attending a formal fashion school. They incorporated their passion for clothing into their work and made it a global brand. Read on to find out more about these fashion designers and how they got their start in the industry. These women didn’t attend any formal fashion school, but they turned their love for t-shirts into a multi-million dollar clothing empire.

There are some famous fashion designers who can’t sew. One example is Sabato. He made a big mistake in a collaboration challenge and pinned all of his garments together instead of segregating them properly. Sabato later apologized for his mistake. However, his fans found it odd that a fashion competition show allows designers to produce clothing with partially stitched pieces. This is especially true if the clothes are handmade.

Although fashion designers don’t need to know how to sew to create stylish, comfortable clothes, they do need to have the ability to communicate their vision with the production partners. Sewing isn’t always the job of a fashion designer. The best designers know how to communicate their vision with their production partners and are willing to learn the basics of garment production. Then, with their industry savvy and empathy, they can work around any issues that may arise.

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