How to Position Glasses on the Service Tray

When preparing to place glasses on the service tray, you must be aware of certain guidelines. It is important to balance the trays properly and never overload them. The height of the trays should be approximately 80% of the height of the glasses matahari88play. Moreover, you must not let glasses touch each other or lie on the rim of the cloth. The tray should be leveled at all times, which will make it easier for you to serve the guests.

If you have a formal dinner, you can place up to five glasses on the service tray. First, you need to align the flatware sgp49. The bottom of each flatware should line up with the plate. You can place the dessert spoon on top of the plate, with its handle towards the right. Next, you should position the water glass and the champagne flute. Then, you should place the red wine glass and the sherry glass just to the right of the champagne flute buana88.

The service tray should have openings that will hold the glasses. This is to prevent them from sliding or falling off the tray. The handle of the service tray should be securely grasped so that it doesn’t wobble. In addition, it should be easily cleaned dewawin365. The tray should be able to hold all types of food and beverages.

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