Picture perfect: A guide to achieving the ideal smile

“The best accessory is one’s smile” while all this may seem attractive as well as leave people confused on how it may be possible, it is!. Grooming and hygiene are a part of a well-grown person and can determine the very first impressions of people. In terms of pictures, family pictures, wedding pictures, bachelor party pictures or even graduation pictures, everyone says “cheese” and expects a wide smile. However, if the smile is forced or creepy, it can ruin the whole experience and memory, leaving one to feel intimidated rather than reminiscing on the good old days. A good smile is often a must. Whether one opts for Invisalign or starts flossing every day, progress is essential, which is why this article has piled up points on achieving and practising facial expressions for the perfect smile.

Don’t let the front pair of teeth and bottom pair touch each other in the course of giving out a broad smile:

It is essential for individuals not to commit the constant mistake of touching both pairs of their teeth. It may leave an impression of one grunting and sulking rather than smiling, leaving it to look odd and awkward in a given situation. It also strains the neck and the muscles connected to the jaw, causing it to look unflattering on the outside. Moreover, it is not intended for the muscles to be that way when one wants to smile, but individuals need to step closer to their well-being due to the teeth alignment.

It is always ideal to leave the front pair of teeth wet at all times:

The front pair of teeth need to look wet while giving a smile because it is also prominent and bright that way. However, if the front pair of teeth aren’t damp and are relatively dry, it may bring out a seemingly less dull smile that may not add value to their smile. While one can just run their tongue over their teeth before they intend to smile, they may not do so and instead apply a swipe of vaseline if they think it might look odd.

Opt for the camera to be above eye level:

While it is a great way to fix crooked teeth without wearing braces, it is the perfect opportunity to correct the camera angle. The one with Invisalign would know how they’re used to keep the camera above their eye level when taking a selfie (as it should be) which leaves them with brighter, prominent and radiant pictures. As the jaws and the teeth go, the eyes look straight towards the camera.

Avoid eating chewy and tough food at public places:

Chewy and tough food is more likely to get shredded between the teeth, leaving it to appear to the second or third person in an unflattering way when smiling. Moreover, chewy and sticky foods are braces and Invisalign worst nightmare as suggested by every dentist to avoid these kinds of food example: chicken, beef, lamb, soybean and spinach. However, if one is compelled or confined to such food in a given situation, it would be wise to gaggle right after and carry a pair of toothpicks or even floss, which could be run through the teeth while using the loo.

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