Plus Size Fashion Tips – What Not to Wear

Getting a new wardrobe is no easy feat, but with these plus size fashion tips, you can give yourself a boost. Most fashion trends are made for a specific type of woman, and they will only flatter a small group of people. Try to focus on your accessories, instead of your silhouette. And avoid wearing black or other dark colors – unless you want to stand out among the crowd. Choose lighter shades of browns and navys and try adding brighter colors to your outfit.

The scale of prints can make a huge difference in how you look, so it is important to choose ones that fit correctly. Small prints can look odd on a plus-sized woman. Instead, choose clothes with scale proportionate to your body size, like Jordyn’s dress. Contrasting colors will draw the eye away from a bland-looking look and emphasize your best assets. And while you’re at it, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Another important plus-size fashion tip is to pay attention to your body shape. Your body is unique, so avoid draping a baggy dress over your armpits and neck. This will not make you appear any slimmer, and it will also make your arms look larger. So, while baggy clothing may be flattering to a slimmer woman, it will only make your arms look larger than they are.

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