Pros Of Commissioning A Unique Ring For Your Engagement

Whether you’ve been together for years or months, picking the ideal engagement ring is a serious undertaking. The ring is an investment as your partner wears it forever, and the price reflects that. In Melbourne, the average wedding ring price is $5,367, per information from the wedding industry in 2020. Aside from your budget, the two most significant factors are the ring’s desired style and design. A bespoke engagement ring has been made specifically for the buyer and is one of a kind. Engagement rings manufactured to order are unique jewellery pieces, like custom engagement rings in Melbourne. They don’t employ a standard or commonly available ring setting. Therefore, a personalised ring may have a mix of design components. The options are limitless.

Artistic Concepts For Unique Rings

A growing number of couples for whom engagement rings symbolise something beyond simple marriage. Instead, the design might include the following:

  • The bride’s taste.
  • A theme she likes.
  • Even the heritage of the happy couple.

Engagement rings uniquely designed for the wearer are the most acceptable option for including these details. Make sure the jeweller knows what you want and, ideally, include a photo.

Remember that you can always rely on the help of others. You should consult your girlfriend in the design process if you and she like going shopping together. Allowing her to drop clues and then acting on them is one option, while giving her the sketches is another. Custom gemstone engagement rings provide extra opportunities to involve the intended bride. Many women like diamond engagement rings, but others strongly prefer another gemstone.

Choices In Personalised Engagement Rings Are More Popular

It’s only natural to be curious about your possibilities while shopping for an engagement ring, given the infinite number of ways jewellers may set a diamond. First, you should realise that round diamonds are still the preferred shape, even for unique creations. This form has endured because it may be used in various decorative contexts. You may have one mounted in a ring that also has her birthstone. Alternately, you may think of a genuinely one-of-a-kind venue, like one that is designed like the flower she loves.

Are the majority of diamond ring designs uninteresting to your fiancée? Or maybe it’s just too cutting-edge for your taste. It’s worth thinking of a unique design incorporating her favourite elements from many other styles she likes. Maybe the shank of one ring is more your style than the halo of the other.

A Personalised Timeline For The Engagement Ring

Because they are made to order, handmade engagement rings take much more time to make. First, your jeweller will talk with you before beginning the mechanical design of the ring. You may see examples of the design process as a result of this. Sometimes, this may need more than one attempt to perfect your satisfaction. The jeweller will provide a quotation after you have approved the final version. In the next step, they use 3D printing technology to create a mould of the ring.


The first step in creating one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings in Melbourne is communicating your ideas and preferences to the jeweller. Consult with a jeweller and a gemologist once you have an idea in mind so that it may be realised. Your jeweller will use your item’s CAD (computer-aided design) model to make a mould from which the metal will be cast after your first consultation. The jeweller will put your diamonds in the ring after the metal has been cast.

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