The Top 6 Teen Trends, 2022

Today’s teens may seem obsessed with social media, but just because they’re digitally connected doesn’t mean they don’t go outside. Generation Z is surprisingly complex and well-aware of the dangers of becoming digital addicts. In fact, they’re passionate about climate change, education, and physical and mental health. From riding electric bikes for teens to embracing all pronouns, here are the top six teen trends of 2022.

1. Electric Bikes Teenagers Love

From pastel paint jobs to step-through cruisers, today’s teenagers are embracing one-of-a-kind bicycles to get around. Choosing the perfect bike is part of a young person’s sense of self-expression, and electric bicycles offer a mix of benefits that’s just right for this generation. Teens love commuting on an environmentally-friendly bike that gets them where they need to go at top speed.

2. 90s Era Clothing Is Back

While a small portion of Generation Z was born in the ’90s, they may have been too young to rock any of the iconic styles. Fortunately, what goes out always comes back in when it comes to fashion. Teens are riding high on nostalgia with bucket hats, cardigans, chokers, bike shorts, cargo pants, and more.

3. Using Correct Pronouns Is Hot

One thing that this generation of teens is not afraid of is gender fluidity. While their parents and grandparents may hesitate to use they/them pronouns, the younger generation is totally comfortable with challenging the status quo. In fact, they’ll be the first to make sure that people respect their friends’ pronouns, and they won’t accept any less.

4. Saving the Planet Is In

Teenagers today are well-informed about climate change and environmental damage such as the great Pacific garbage patch. From severe weather to disappearing species, they are feeling the impacts of actions taken by previous generations. But they aren’t going to sit around and watch the world burn. With the ability to choose from electric bikes for sale to secure environmentally-friendly mobility to joining climate protests and walk-outs, young people are active in the fight for the well-being of the Earth.

5. Educational TikToks Are Viral

Generation Z is largely considered to be a generation of digital natives. But they can be fickle when it comes to new technology. Established social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram aren’t drawing in crowds of teens at the same rate as TikTok. One of the most popular uses of the app is for educational purposes. Thirty to sixty-second videos that share educational content are keeping teenagers hooked.

6. Getting Involved Is Vital

If today’s youth are anything, they’re politically involved. The young generation is not afraid to take to the streets and demonstrate or even run for election. It’s trendy to get involved in politics, especially at the local level. From sign waving to gathering signatures for a petition, teens know how to get things done.

Parents, teachers, and mentors can easily get in on these trends and carve out valuable bonding time with the young people in their lives. They can join today’s teens out on the streets while riding adult tricycles, and they can even dig out their old ’90s styles from their basements. However they do it, it’s easy to see that the young generation truly is leading the way.

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