Tips To Care For Kids Wooden Toys

It is pretty natural for you to feel overwhelmed while shopping for your kid’s toys as new parents. When your little one transforms to a toddler phase, you might have to switch from soft toys to educational ones. Moreover, parents prefer wooden toys over plastic due to various reasons. Wooden toys for kids are durable, instigate creative play, environment-friendly, and safe. Wooden toys have been proven beneficial for hyperactive and dynamic kids. It’s so because the calm and soothing hue of wooden toys can help build focus and serenity in kids.

How to maintain and store wooden toys?

According to a recent survey, 96% of Australian parents’ expenditures are influenced by their children. Buying the best rated wooden toys for your little one isn’t all. To begin with, you need to pick toys that your kids will not outgrow, at least for a couple of years. When you have to stack all these toys for years, it takes effort and maintenance. Cleaning your kid’s toys becomes a part of the routine since the pieces can reach the ground, and your child may bring it near their eyes or mouth. So, here are a few quick tips on maintaining your wooden toys,

1. Start with wiping

Luckily, wooden toys for kids are easy to clean, wipe, or sanitise. For the daily maintenance part, you can have a dedicated wiping cloth. A microfiber cloth is the best to choose. Use a wet cloth to wipe away dust. Ensure to clean all the edges and sides of the toy before handing it to your child.

Similarly, remember to wipe the toys after playtime. Occasionally, use a mild antibacterial cleanser or any antimicrobial agent to clean the surfaces. Never use harsh chemicals, bleaches, or cleansing agents to wipe the toys.

2. Keep away from too much water

Wooden toys can absorb water, which can cause their life to decrease. So, if you are using water to clean the toys, never soak the pieces in water for prolonged periods. It would be best to use a spray or a wet cloth soaked in warm water.

Once you use a spray or a wet cloth, remember to air dry the toys so that they do not absorb the water. Occasionally, you can sun dry the toys to ensure they get rid of dirt and other minute insects or allergens. But never overdry in the sun as it can harm the colour.

3. Consider moisturising

Wooden toys need to replenish their moisture at regular intervals. However, not all wood types will require the same agent or intensity of moisture rejuvenation. When you feel the toys are rough on your hands, it would be best to add some olive oil and rub it across the surface to retrieve the lost moisture. Coconut oil is another effective alternative. Use a cloth to wipe off extra oil (if any) and let it air dry. Ensure that your child does not dig their mouth over the moisturised wooden toys.

4. Store it the right way!

When you store these wooden toys for kids effectively with care, they can last much longer than promised. Begin by sorting the toys, and filter the less used toys from those constantly used. Always store wooden toys inside the toy chest and never leave them on the floor after use. You can also add some silica gel bags onto the chest to wick off excess moisture that can build up with storage.

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