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Where to Find Curvy But Not Plus Size Clothing

If you’re a woman who’s curvy but not plus-size, then you probably have trouble finding clothing that flatters your curves. There are many brands that cater to this audience, but most of them just don’t have straight cuts that suit your shape. Thankfully, these days, the fashion industry is catching on and more brands are beginning to recognise the need for plus-size women. Here are some places to look for new styles.

The label “plus” has long sparked debates, both online and in the fashion industry. ModCloth recently discontinued its plus category, and some women are calling for a new solution. Instead of using numerical barriers, the company decided to use a qualitative perspective to distinguish between plus-size and curvy women. This move will be welcomed by the younger generation, who will be the ones to benefit from this change.

A woman can be curvy or plus-size, but the label has to fit her proportions. Curvy size is defined as a difference between waist and hip size of at least one inch. Those who fall between these two criteria are considered curvy. For example, a woman who wears a size 34 and a plus-size garment may be curvy, while a plus-size woman has a size 36-inch waist.

The quality of a garment is crucial. Look for quality seams and finishing. If you can see through the fabric, it’s probably not made to fit curvy women. Better quality garments should be pressed flat and have straight seams. A woman’s body is unique, and she should feel comfortable in the clothing that she wears. Chichi London dresses are available in sizes up to 26 and will flatter your curves.

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